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The Commune
The Commune
A cosy urban enclave, our quiet co-working space is designed for relaxed, informal gatherings and exchanging valuable discourse.
10th Floor
BREAKFAST 07:00 to 10:30
LUNCH 12:00 to 14:45 (Last order 14:00)
AFTERNOON TEA 15:00 to 17:30 (Last order 17:00)
+852 2107 3388
Breakfast | Lunch | Afternoon Tea
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In light of the recent situation, to ensure a safe dining experience for all, extra precautionary measures will be implemented at our restaurant outlets including restrictions on table covers, amendment of dine-in hours and reduced restaurant capacity. Thank you for your kind understanding. For queries, please contact ARTUS AMICI.
Tea by The Harbour
Tea by The Harbour
Inviting all to an exceptional afternoon tea experience by the harbour at The Commune!<br /> Indulge in seasonal selections of savoury bites with an Asian flavour twist, homemade sweet delicacies and freshly baked scones served with clotted cream, fruits and tea-infused jam. Pair the set with freshly brewed artisanal tea by TEACHA or speciality coffee, or top it up with champagne! &nbsp;
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Chef's Creative Lunch
Chef's Creative Lunch
Tantalising your tastebuds with a 3-course creative lunch to remember.
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Best Staycation in Hong Kong

Love the view and chilling at the balcony. Before staying in this hotel, I have contacted with the AMICI team via WhatsApp. They are really helpful and patient to answer my questions and arrange for my enquiry
29 April 2022
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I just want to flag out the stay we had in k11 artus was fabulous. From the moment we checked in till the end we could feel that the staff are giving out the services out of their heart.
26 April 2022
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Wonderful Stay@K11 ARTUS

I could enjoy a great guest experience from reservation until my departure. Since it’s not my first time to visit K11 ARTUS, every staff here really made me feel “Welcome Back”.
25 April 2022
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Home Sweet Home…. K11 ARTUS! Excellent service and all staff members deserved a compliment!

I feel the different between K11 ARTUS and other hotels when I just step into this hotel. I just want to say ARTUS really worth to stay because of the excellent service and will definitely come back again.
23 April 2022
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Anniversary stay at the Dockside

You can already feel the unique privacy when stepping into their lobby. We are amazed and addicted to their service of food delivery via ordering to the TV, this service is personal and we are allowed to order all of the restaurant menu located at K11 Musea
13 April 2022
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Birthday Surprise

Highly recommend to those that are looking for some luxury with an exquisite view. I particularly loved the kitchen and that was one of the selling points for me to stay at K11 ARTUS.

09 April 2022
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Excellent recommendation for stay especially on special days

Perfect, exclusive venue especially for special occasions. Wonderful experience all together.
28 February 2022
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Not a hotel, but a home!

Not only does the room stand out, but the Guest Experience Team is quite extraordinary. When we arrived they arranged an in-room check-in and throughout the stay they were just at another level than I have experience other places.
23 February 2022
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Feels like home

This is the third times I came to ARTUS and every time I still feel like home.
20 February 2022
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Marvellous and the best hotel in Hong Kong!!

All staffs in the front desk were cheerful, friendly and more importantly, they were willing to help and advise the best solutions for us, even just to show us the quickest way to the mall.
Eddie W
18 February 2022
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A wonderful place to celebrate your bday with friends and beloved one

Lovely harbour view and convenient location. We ordered our dinner via tv app, my friend loved this service a lot.
18 February 2022
Review us
Excellent place with good service

Everything was great! All the staff was friendly and willing to offer help. The room was very nice and made us have the feeling of home.
12 February 2022
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all the best Service

The room is comfortable and tidy. My family member were also very happy to stay. They will come again!
11 February 2022
Review us
Fabulous experience as usual​

This is the 3rd stay at K11 ARTUS with my family, feels like home as usual with their warm greetings and great services.
09 February 2022
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Brilliant stay & high quality! I must back!

First, I really love their room tour, and they will go through the room once with you after checking in. Furthermore, the facilities are brilliant too. The room is full of art manner and gorgeous style. It makes you feel warm and comfortable. I really love it!
Andy C
27 January 2022
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The room is very comfortable. It was an excellent experience. It is the best hotel experience that I ever had. The service was also very good and nice.
26 January 2022
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Memorable Stay

Great service during my stay from the guest relations team have great communication skills and ready smile made our stay experience memorable and enjoyable.
20 January 2022
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Make yourself at home

You can enjoy the most Victoria Harbour view in a private area. The service is excellent, Guest Relations Team will contact you before your stay, make sure your stay is well prepared. Will go again!
11 January 2022
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Fantastic stay at K11 Artus

The room was beautiful and flawlessly decorated! Everyone, including my 3 yr old daughter, loved the rooms. Quality rating is definitely 10/10! I highly recommend all my friends and family to come visit again next time!
04 January 2022
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Birthday Party

This is an excellent hotel which is just like a home. What a wonderful place to celebrate my girlfriend's birthday with the cake the balloon the chocolate wine etc.
02 January 2022
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Best hotel in HK

Having lived in hk for 14 years I’ve stayed at all the 5 star hotels. K11 ARTUS is my favourite and it is my wife’s favourite too. We love it. Rooms are spectacular like a Hans crescent mansion and the views are breathtaking!
29 December 2021
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The Most Joyful Stay at K11 Artus

The friendliness and attentiveness of the staff always made me feel so welcomed. Unlike some other hotels, many service agents act like pre- programmed robots. At K11 ARTUS, it offers personalized assistance proactively. We had the most joyful Christmas at K11 ARTUS!
27 December 2021
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Comfortable and spacious environment with home like setting and great view

Only K11 ARTUS provides rooms with balcony and great views of Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong. It is a very good choice for relaxing. The fully equipped kitchen also allows the guests to cook. It is a home away home.
25 December 2021
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Wonderful birthday staycation!

Amazing harbour view. Great service provided by an enthusiastic team. Nice birthday amenities set up with balloons, card, and cake from GR team. Highly recommend for special occasion.
08 December 2021
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A wonderful art tour

I am very surprised that K11 founded a Craft and Guild foundation to preserve these beautiful art pieces, while having new art pieces from local artists. Overall it was a fruitful tour, seeing new and old art, will definitely try staying here for a night in the future!
07 December 2021
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Wonderful stay

I shared anniversary with my family. The staff are very friendly and helpful in helping check-in. The room is spacious, well decorated with nice well equipped open kitchen. The view is excellent. You can order lots of food from TV apps.
06 December 2021
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K11 ARTUS Long term stay 

A very pleasant long-term stay. Staff is very pleasant and affable, always out there to cater to residents’ needs. Excellent service quality.
28 November 2021
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Best Serviced Apartment / Luxury Hotel in Hong Kong

AMICI, concierge service, makes sure your stay is flawless and most comfortable. The views from the lounge, the infinity pool are unparalleled in Hong Kong.
Harvey B
28 November 2021
Review us
Excellent Service!

It was my 1st time staying at the ARTUS, was probably one of the best staycation I've ever had! It was T8 on my check-in day hence the weather was terrible. We had a great night thanks to the fully equipped kitchen in the room! The bed was super comfy and nice!  The view overlooking the Island side is gold, we all loved the room so much!!

12 November 2021
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A very pleasant experience! Highly recommended!

Staffs are super helpful and cheerful. They are very professional. All staff that I encountered made me feel welcome!
30 October 2021
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Fantastic Experience in K11 ARTUS

The room is spacious with best sea view of Victoria Harbour. The bedding and amenities are in prime quality. Highly recommended for celebration of special date and travelers.
17 October 2021
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I lived here for a year a wonderful year

The facilities and location is absolutely fantastic, but what makes the experience very special is the wonderful culture and attitude of the staff. The team at K11 ARTUS assisted me in every way during the difficult times of the restrictions due to COVID and the staff ensured that I had everything that I needed to enjoy my stay and also enjoy living in TST!
31 August 2021
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Wonderful Staycation Experiences in K11 ARTUS

K11 ARTUS is more than Six Stars. You need to spend a whole morning exploring the living lounge (10/F) with your kids, playing all the wonderful games on the living lounge. And in the evening, you should bring a glass of wine and enjoy Hong Kong's wonderful night lights slowly. I would definitely come back more.
08 August 2021
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Unforgettable Stay and Sweet Memories

We chose K11 for our staycation during the summer holiday and we were really impressed by the delicate innovation and also the perfect service provided by this amazing hotel. The view from the balcony was fantastic especially at night. The environment is quiet and comfortable for us. We can see the details and the effort that the hotel has put in the furniture and the surrounding decorations. The most unforgettable thing is actually the service. Thank you so much!
31 July 2021
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A Memorable Anniversary

K11 ARTUS do maintain its brand and as it pledged, the experiences were unparalleled. One thing I appreciated a lot is the availability of WhatsApp chat with Artisans before my arrival. This kind of asynchronous communication is much better experience than the traditional voice call. Service offered by Artisans during our stay is excellent.
23 July 2021
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Absolutely perfect stay. The hotel is amazing, best views in HK with big open balconies. Apartments so spacious and beautifully done. Stunning art throughout the hotel and impeccable service.
20 July 2021
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Best Service in town

Staff are helpful and trying their best to provide help when needed ~~~ Art pieces are displayed everywhere in hotel which made the atmosphere super good there.
The in home food ordering system is convenient and it 's one of the best feature to recommend as you dont have to queue up for those hot restaurant at all ~
Benny Liu
14 February 2021
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Cozy and Artistic weekend getaway
The well-designed and decent hardware of the residence is one of the best in the town (staying in the harbour view room is a must). I was also happy to see the improvement on service and food quality on my returning stay which deserves a recognition!

My weekend getaway stay was joyful, filling with various unique experiences. The in-room balcony is my all-time favourite which you may rarely find a similar one in the town. I was like staying on a cruise ship. Another thing you should not be missed is the Art tour. We were glad to have Gary to be our tour guide, introducing the artworks and the fast-disappearing crafts. Thanks for the informative, interesting and interactive tour! I believe the story-telling journey is friendly to any guest with no background in art and you would never know the story behind the artworks without the tour......
30 January 2021
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creative menu, beautiful view, peaceful atmosphere
Benny Chan
06 November 2019
Review us
Chic and welcoming. Fantastic views and best rooftop pool in Hong Kong
K11 Artus was chic, welcoming and had all the elements needed to make for a very special stay…
11 October 2019
Review us
Amazing Interior & Excellent Service

The moment you walked in you literally feel like home. It's a fantastic location and I cannot recommend enough. I stayed there for 2 nights and got the Harbour view room - it's mesmerizing.
10 October 2019
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