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As a portmanteau combining the English word ‘Art’ with the Latin term ‘Domus’, meaning
‘home’, K11 ARTUS was designed as the city’s first inspiring ‘art home’ for intellectuals and worldly
travellers with shared tastes in art, culture, creativity and literature. 

The Artists in Residence programme’s collaborations will feature a new genesis of creative work by artistic mavens including illustration, design, costumes, portraits and more.
Chow Yiu Fai
Award-winning writer and lyricist
Wilson Ng
Leader of the Asian classical music scene<br />
Award-winning Conductor
Brendan Fitzpatrick
The Figurative Imagineer Figurative Artist
Sophia Hotung
The Curious Storyteller Writer &amp; Illustrator
Man Lim Chung
The Romantic Observer<br />
Award-winning Filmmaker